What is a WIT (Work Improvement Team)?

The Work Improvement Team (WIT) is a team whose key purpose for existance is to make improvements to work.  (Note that for some reason, most prefer to call them WIT Teams rather then WI Teams.)

Team members work together and focus on tackling problems facing their common work areas.   Although ‘WI’ refers to “Work Improvement”, one can easily infer that for the team to be effectively make improvements to work, they have to solve some kind of problems.  Therefore problems are the focus of WITs.  Problems refer to the hinderances to performance, obstacles to work flow, defects, complaints, accidents, wastes, disruptions and so on.

WIT teams direct their mission to involved in problem solving.


11 Responses to What is a WIT (Work Improvement Team)?

  1. ofentse says:

    Thanks i am a citizen of Republic of Botswana situated in the southren part of Africa.Botswana is landlocked between South Africa,Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I work for the government of Botswana in Department of Prisons and Rehabilitation,Public Service Reforms Unit.Yes I believe we can learn a lot from each other since we come from unique backrounds. Goverment of Botswana introduced the WITs concept around 10years ago.My Department is one of those which have paticipated vigourously but we are seeng our participation at team level declining since 2004. any ideas that could assit me in motivating the teams?

  2. modiro moalosi says:

    ofentse we have a similar problem with WITS in department of civil and national registration i hope we get something out of those people who are willing to advice you.

    • CHIA YewHeng says:

      How can I help you?

    • Matlho says:

      Iam M. Tamocha. I was a Team Leader in the years, 1998s when WIT(s) was introduced. I have now lost everything including my notes on this concept. We are now told we should resuscitate it. I am having a problem as where, how, when to start. Please help. I have a team ready waiting to hear from the leader who is me. PLEASE ASSIST NOW.

      • CHIA YewHeng says:

        Hi Tamocha,

        It is indeed good that we live in the 21 century and have the internet blogs.

        Surely, we now can continue to link up with likeminded people throughout the world. No one need to be left out in the cold..You may go to my blog and check out the 12 Steps of problem solving. The 12-Steps of the PDCA framework is the structure of a typical project for the team.

        Of course, the first thing to do is to form the team. Next.you need to appoint a leader to lead the team. Then you have to come together to brainstorm ‘what issues or problems’ that your team would like to improve. Then the rest is the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act phases). If you really need the basic guidelines, you can check out my other blog – http://www.problemsolvingfire.wordpress.com. There is a step by step guide.

        If you are still lost, I can forward you some slides on the PDCA..


  3. dphukula@gov.bw says:

    a very good system and simple to use

  4. modisaotsile chakalisa says:

    need help with the information concerning wits

    • CHIA YewHeng says:

      Hi there,

      What type of work are you in? Why do you think WITs will help you? Let me know the nature of your work and give me a little more detail how you think I can help you.

      Thank you.

      CHIA YH

  5. Loreth Bon says:

    Hi i have recently joined the reforms unit and have just learnt about the WITs im still a bit in the dark but i have found this article mind opening. thank you

    • CHIA YewHeng says:

      Hi Loreth Bon,

      Interesting to know that you find this useful. It is a productivity improvement initiative by the Government of Singapore back in the 1980s. This is perhaps one of the things that help started Singapore on a strong foundation to become what is know as a country that had experienced phenomenon success. Surely the WITS or Productivity Movement as it was called is not the only thing that went right, but surely I can stand by WITs to say that it did contributed in some major way back then. And I am glad to be part of the movement.

      If you need any information regarding it, contact me.


      CHIA YH

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