The 3 Pillars of WITS

Know the 3 Pillars of WITS

Pillar 1 – Problem Solving.   Problem Solving refers to the process of change.  When a problem is solved, a negative outcome is changed into a positive outcome.

Pillar 2 – Teamwork.  The ‘T’ in WIT is team.  WIT requires the problem solving process be done through a team of people.  Usually the team of people have some ownership or ‘share in responsibility’ of the problem.  Therefore it is in the interest of every team members to co-operation and contribute to its resolution.  Every member, having the common objective will share their experiences, ideas, participate in the investigation work, diagnostic work, as well as in the creative process of designing ways to tackle the problem.  The process is scientific.  Everything is guided with  evidence, followed by trial and experimentation, after which a full fledge implementation of possible solutions is then taken.

Pillar 3 – Innovation.  To tackle the problems, the team must find new ways to overcome them.   Change is inevitable if progress is to be realised.  There must be a break with the old approach to put in place a better one.  Changes begins from a rich bedrock of good possible ideas.  Every member is encouraged to contribute as many creative ideas as possible to build up the stock of ideas.  These ideas will undergo a process of refinements by all the ‘brains’ within the team and the result is an even better idea will eventually a rigorous solution will be designed and implemented yielding great results!

The 3 Pillars of WITS is the way to go!


One Response to The 3 Pillars of WITS

  1. Dorji says:


    I am Mr. Tsheltrim Dorji from the Kingdom of Bhutan. I am afraid if you can locate my country. It’s sandwiched between two giants of the world, India to the south, east, west and China to the north.

    Sometime in December 2007 I had an opportunity to avail a training on Public Administration and Governance in Singapore sponsored by the MoF, Singapore. The training was conducted by Civil Service College(CSC). During that time, I heard about WIT. But I didn’t know what is it for. Now, went i went through your web page, I found it very interesting and useful. Please can you provide me some success story of WIT. Meanwhile, I am a public servant here.

    With regards,

    Tsheltrim Dorji

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