IETEX Criteria (2012)

Back in the early 2000s, SPA had the far sight to initiate the IETEX Assessment framework.  Today, I was told that there is a fair amount of interest in this accorlade.  For the benefit of my clients, I would like to share some of my observations and suggestions on how to interpret the IETEX assessment template.

The IETEX is held against a set of criteria which is slightly different from the TES (Team Excellence Symposium) criteria.  The IETEX criteria was originally based on the established assessment framework of the American Society of Quality assessment items.  Between the TES Assessment Criteria and the IETEX Criteria, there are some items which are different, but most of them are similiar.   This is really good news for those teams who would like to collect both these awards, as one only need to make minor enhancements to their IQC reports in order to meet the IETEX requirements.

You can make a comparision between the set of slides I posted in the earlier blog on the Enhanced IQC Assessment Criteria and you will be able to see the differences..Here goes :


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