Sin 6. Gluttony


That is really related to the previous sin – greed. 

Proverbs 23:2 “And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to appetite.”

This particular one really focus on the body.  The sin of gluttony is related to the way we treat ourselves, and in the case of WITS Managers, the team is your body. 

How the team ‘greedily gobbles up rewards’, develops a strong and uncontrolled yearning for more and more rewards to be given to them for whatever slight effort that they have put in; the team had gotten themselves into gluttony.

It is not wrong to eat, and not even wrong to be a little fat.  Afterall, there are studies which attempt to show that fat people are fat because of some ‘fat genes’ and scientist have indeed found some.

However, even if there are exceptions to being fat, let us not become gluttony. 

Take some lessons from St Thomas Aquinas’ on what he says on the characteristics of the sin of gluttony.  The signs are :

  • Praepropere – eating too soon.
  • Laute – eating too expensively (washedly).
  • Nimis – eating too much.
  • Ardenter – eating too eagerly (burningly).
  • Studiose – eating too daintily (keenly).
  • Forente – eating wildly (boringly).

Eating uncontrollably is sinful, not that eating is.  The thing is that St Thomas believes that we all can actually control the intake of food, but there are some who do not wish to control that urge to gorge,  ending up doing ‘too soon, too much, too eagerly, too …..’  thus hurting our bodies.  In fact in the next sin – lust it is also the result of sinful nature.


Manager is liken to the mouth – the controller of the intake of food and unless the WIT Manager controls what goes into the team and make it a form of  ‘reward’ the body will abuse the nourishment that it gets. 

Over feeding of the cat, who does not know the meaning of getting obese

Over feeding of the cat, who does not know the meaning of getting obese


The team (body) grows on what the manager rewards (feeds the mouth), therefore unless managers take the trouble to know what the team are getting as rewards, not just depending on the taste of the food, we will all be in for a sad turn of events – obesity is not the worst of gluttony, it is the consequences of glutton that kills the body.


3 Responses to Sin 6. Gluttony

  1. ofentse says:

    What about managers who wants to see wit progress but do nothing to support it towards archieving its intended goal of improving productivty in thier work place. how do you deal with such managers?

    • 3pillarsofwits says:

      Hi Sir/Mdm,

      This is not uncommon. The managemennt will to make WITS succeed is indeed critical for all staff involvement programs. That is why a total Productivity Movement should be first inducted. WITS is not a ‘staff revolution’ scheme. It is part of the company’s total quality initiative. Do not think for one moment, that, teams are yearning for WITS projects.

      However, if the inertia is overcome, the sense of achivement will follow; teams winning awards for themselves develop a sense of self-worth/esteem and will see that indeed they are capable in contributing to the company; afterall, this is one great acheivement of management, which that have been there to do something (see my other blog : []

  2. ofentse says:

    thanks so office is responsible for coodinating WITs at national level. Intially the WITs concept was heartly accepted in my organaisation such that teams participated at national conventions some winning gold, silver and bronse medals. however, we have since observed that most of the teams are no longer active. there is need to revive team morale do you have any ideas?

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