Sin 4 – Sloth

The next four sins are the sins that hurt the body.  These sins SLOWLY but surely poison your body.  That’s right you are literally committing self annihilation if you allow these to take over. 

During the 6th Century, this Pope had already known that laziness kills the body.  

Today the same fight against sloth is still on.  Look at the advice from almost every health advocate – exercise.  Unless you exercise; in otherwords, be less lazy, you may even die…

Picked this from the news - see inactivity kills

Picked this from the news - see inactivity kills

Sloth is a sin.   Hardly surprising.  Sloth is found everywhere.  Let’s start from the very begining.  The bible has it that Adam and Eve sinned when they ate the apple offered by Satan.   Had they been less lazy, planted their own apple tree, outside Garden of Eden, they might have laid a better future for all of us. 

If only they had planted their apples outside Eden!

If only they had planted their apples outside Eden!

Sloth in WIT Management.

The WIT Manager should be one that is concerned with the progress of the team’s project.  If the manager lays back and thinks that by waiting for the team to experiment and claims that he/she is ’empowering’ the team, my experience shows that that won’t work. 

WITS Managers must always pop by!

WITS Managers must always pop by!

My experience shows that that total empowerment – as argued by many idealist who advocate pure empowerment – is pure fantasy.  Empowering without control is giving away the shop, and it is just for marketing, in reality this approach won’t work.    

The best way to get good results from your WITs is to make an effort to pop by at their meetings once in a while (not every meeting though). 

Be tactfully involved.  

My experience is that the WITs once a month, or once every four meetings you should attend their meetings, listen in on their views, share a thought or two. 

Your presence creates a magic that inspires.  It makes a difference in the way the team sees an issue. 

However, do not attend all meetings as that tempts you to develop dominance.  Constantly making the decisions, and ‘breathing down their necks’ is a recipe for disaster. 

Hit a balance.   Be there when they need it, be away when they need space.  Do not be ‘greedy’ nor ‘overpowering’ but be involved.

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