Sin 1. Pride (WITS Managers who claim all the credit)



I was here before you.

Pride At Work.    Well, isn’t it right that the success of the team was facilitated by great policies the managers set for their teams.  Isn’t it true that the right culture set by senior management – a good vision, an empowered environment, gave them the opportunity to showcase their success? So, without management’s strategies and insightful programs, there will be less opportunities for your team to produce results.

This was created by Management for you

We Are Definitely More Important.   In other words, WITS Managers are the ones who deserved more credit than the teams.  Afterall, most WITS Managers supervises  several teams.  The total savings from all the teams under that manager’s charge is surely more substantial than any one of the teams. So…


It Is Not A Sin To Rejoice.   Let’s view it objectively.  Surely, it is important that the manager is interested to see the teams’ succeed and feel that he/she had contributed to it.  Afterall, managers are suppose to be able to recognise success – and equally important, are proud to reward excellence.  They called this management skill, ‘staff motivation’, in management 101 books. 

Equally important is that the success of teams must contributed to the overall success of the company.  Success in saving cost, success in productivity improvements does reflect that policies, strategies and schemes are working correctly.  Management have the privilege to validate that this happens.  Teams, at a lower level may not be able to see it as clearly.  Managers should rejoice with the team, and feel good about themselves.

Let’s go for a ride in my new transport
yipee, yipee, doo

The Real Sin – Pride.   The sin of pride is when the WITS Manager did not share with the team an equal amount of joy.  They fail to see that basis of the joy came from the same success of the team and WITS Manager.   Therefore, no one party is any more successful than the other. 

I deserve more

In fact, if the team had not acknowledge the WITS Managers’ contributions, it is also a sin of pride in them.  The reason, why I had pegged more sinfulness to WITS Managers is simply, because it is more common that WITS Managers have the sin of pride because of the authority or position they are in.  Team members are usually not in the position to see the whole picture, and are less likely to fall into the Sin of Pride.  

WITS Managers are simply more pronged to the Sin of Pride! 

We are in the same team. 
Only when you look good, I look good




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