Seven deadly sins of WIT Management

6th Century – Pope St Gregory The Great

In the 6th Century, Pope St Gregory was extremely concerned with the state of spiritual contamination of his time. One of his famous work where much of his energy and influence was aimed at countering the weakness of human nature. In very simple language, he brought home a clear message that indeed man is sinful and have to find salvation in God. To do this, sin must be identified and revealed in order to defeat, or to contain it.

Sins lead to death.

St Gregory classified sins into two groups – spiritual and corporal sins. Under the two big groups, one can further divide them into three sub-types of spiritual sins, and four sub-types of corporal sins. Thus that was how the number came about. Although many different people have tried to ordered the sins in terms of severity and extensiveness, the order is not critical, because all sins will ultimately lead to the same – death. However, one can view a difference in the two groups, as spiritual sins cause our soul to grief, while corporal sins drains the life out of our body (causing grief to our body).

Three Spiritual Sins

First are the three spiritual sins. These are sins that affect the soul directly. Thus they are related to the big picture of success, the soul of the person. A perfectly healthy body individual, may harbour these sins. It has to do with a person’s views on life and relationship with others.


1. Pride

2. Envy

3. Wrath



Four Corporal Sins

The second type of sins, called Corporal sins, are those sins which poison the body. They get the better of otherwise peace loving, humble persons, who are unable to control their basic passions and desires for the flesh, gold, and even food.

4. Sloth

5. Greed

6. Gluttony

7. Lust


SLOTH – There is always tomorrow

LUST – Immediate gratification.



The Seven Sins of WITS Management cause the death of many WIT teams.

One of the most important roles of WIT managers is motivation. To me the objective of motivation boils down to maintaining the ‘work-spirit‘ of the employees.  A good WIT manger must find ways to get the team to work on a project with willingness and enthusiasm.

I am giving you a change to improve yourself! (Really?)



Conversely, poor WIT managers drains the spirit of employees until they are so spent, that they are waiting at the door for the next job wagon to come along. This spells the ‘eventual death of the WIT team’.

Is this really how it works?

The Seven Deadly Sins of WIT Management

Sin 1. Pride : WIT Manager who claims all the credit

Sin 2. Envy : WIT Manager who are ‘kiasu’ of(?) other departments

Sin 3. Wrath : WIT Manager who cannot control themselves

Sin 4. Sloth : WIT Manager who are always MIA

Sin 5. Greed : WIT Manager who asks for quantity not quality

Sin 6. Gluttony : WIT Manager who demand more and more results

Sin 7. Lust : WIT Manager who wants immediate gratification

Look out for cases in coming posts…


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