Problem = Want – Have

Knowing and Measuring are two different things.   The process of problem solving cannot begin until the extend of a problem is defined.   This means that the problem must be expressed in concrete terms.   In the previous post, I explained how a team can sense or discover that they are facing problems.  However, it is still short of defining it specifically.  Until the WIT team is able to quantify it, measure it, count it, they are still not ready to embark on the problem solving journey.

What is the head count? Why is it decreasing?

One effective way to get to the size of your problem is to define what you want.  Basically if what you want is not equal to what you have then you are facing the problem.  Very simply, it follows that the bigger the difference between what you want and what you have, the bigger is the problem you are facing.

Problem = Want <> Have

In WITs, the problem is usually defined as the gap between the desired and the existing situation of the team.     


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